About Nightrider Studios

Nightrider Designs started out as a hobby well over 10 years ago. Designing Elvis alternate covers was something i always really enjoyed doing. Microsoft Publisher was where it all began. How on earth i used to make decent looking covers in Publisher i will never know. But, for the most part i did. I did realise at the time that Publisher wasn't really the right program to do professional looking covers. So the search began. Then came the discovery of Adobe Photoshopt thanks to a couple of guys on the TCB-World Forum who advised me to use it. From that moment designing became more of a pashion than just a hobby. Hours spent watching tutorials and reading Photoshop magazines learning the program followed. It all finally paid off when i landed a Graphic Design Job back in 2005. From then i have never looked back.

Doing designs for Vehicle Wraps took some learning. It's very different from a small CD cover. But, it did give me valuable experience in Design. I also took on Designing, updating and maintaining four work web sites.


Nightrider Designs is still a hobby. Elvis' music has touched me so much since i was a boy. It is in my blood and designing alternate covers is something that i think i will always enjoy doing. Over the years though, it has become a professional site too. Working for several different Authors and CD companies doing Book and CD Covers. I have no plans at the moment to move to freelance Design. But, it is something that i have considered. The amount of work does, of course, have a bearing on that.

My Job has given me valuable experience in the whole design field. For that reason i am confident in offering my design services for any project.

A few folks to thank....

Thanks to everyone who has supported Nightrider Studios past & present including all the staff at The Kings Court Forum. Thanks also to Mags & Trev, Erik Lorentzen & Darrin Lee. Special thanks to Kenny & Jordan for all of their help and friendship over the years. Extra special thanks and love to my wife Jules. For her help, patience, love and support both past, present and future.

This website is dedicated to the everlasting memory of Elvis Presley.

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Youcan contact me via a PM at The Kings Court Forum.

E-mail me: nightriderstudios@talktalk.net

Telephone details can be emailed to any customers wishing to discus any projects or queries.