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The Elvis Files - January 2011

The Elvis Files

Work on the latest Elvis Files Book has long been completed and the book is now widely available and receiving excellent reviews. Deservedly so! Its the best book of its kind ever released in my opinion. Head over the The Elvis Files Website and see for yourself. Its one Elvis book that no fan would want to be without!

We have already worked on the next few volumes of The Elvis Files series of books set for release later this year. Some of the covers may well change of course, should Erik find even more stunning pictures than have been selected already. As always, its an absolute pleasure to be involved in such a massive Elvis Presley project as The Elvis Files.



I have started to put together Jewel Case versions of The Complete Elvis Presley masters box set that was released at the end of last year. The set is the ultimate Elvis Presley release containing all of the masters released during Elvis' lifetime. The only thing that i didn't like about the set ( and it seems that i wasn't alone - having read other fans views! ) was the way that the CDs are stored. They are housed in a Cardboard folder which in truth, isn't the best for storing the CDs. Especially when they cost this sort of money! So, after some thought i started to put together a set of Jewel Case Alternate covers for the set. These won't be available for download, but can be previewed on Nightrider Designs. I hope you enjoy what i came up with.


CD, LP, DVD & Tour program

2010 was a busy year. Not only working on the Elvis Files project, I also had the pleasure of working for the Norweigian Group Vamp.Their new release I full symfoni II was released in October. The project included not only the CD artwork and booklet, but also a Vinyl version,DVD and Tour Program.